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Licensed, professional and commercial two-way radios have revolutionized communications for decades and continue to empower millions of people today.

From schools to seaports, construction sites to convention halls, they are synonymous with reliability, durability and convenience.

Why Two Way Radio? 


Why Two way Radio

Why Dee Communications?

With over 40 years of expertise in Professional and Commercial Radio, we offer expert advice and service on your two way Radio Communications. We can supply from a wide range of products to suit your budget and needs. From simple team communications, to multi team sites with specific channels, our Engineers are on hand to provide a system designed for you, offering tailor made solutions to customers throughout the UK. 

Our Users include Retail, Hospitality, Agriculture, Private Security, Manufacturing, Warehousing Logistics, Construction, Education, Public Transportation, Port/Airports, Mining, Utilities, Petrochemical, Local Government, Events.

Analogue and Digital

The Evolution of Digital Radio has provided our customers with advanced capability in their communication systems, while Analogue continues to cover many of our customer’s needs. The Motorola Mototrbo Portfolio can be programmed as either, meaning analogue customers can utilise the durability of Mototrbo radios. It also makes migration from analogue to digital possible without replacing entire fleets at once.

Digital Advanced Capability

Regulatory pressures and real-world needs are driving greater spectrum efficiency. Digital radio offers many capabilities over analogue, including advantages of improved greater coverage, better privacy, better battery life and more.

Digital Advanced Capabilities c


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