The clear answer to radio communications

Kirisun offers a simple, stylish, cost-effective portable, offering both analogue and digital modes of operation.

Kirisun DP485 and DP480 Hand Portable Radios

The DP485 and DP480 are part of the value range of radios

A simple, stylish and cost effective digital/analogue hand portable radio. Loud and clear audio and voice annunciation is offered in a compact size while safety is supported with Emergency Call and Lone Worker features.

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Kirisun DP405 Hand Portable Radio

Simple and Affordable Voice Communications

Connect your workforce efficiently and affordably and make the move to digital as your business grows. The DP405 two-way analogue/digital radio provides a modern design with slim form factor, enhanced digital features, long battery life and a 1w high power speaker providing loud and clear audio.

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Kirisun DR600 repeater

As a DMR repeater product with ergonomic design, all-digital functionality, the DR600 helps to improve management efficiency.

The DR600 repeater offers stylish, ergonomic design paired with high level functionality at an excellent price. Operating in analogue, digital or mixed mode, the DR600 intelligently switches between modes to optimise received calls.

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