The clear answer to radio communications

Using a 4G / LTE network, the Icom PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) radio system provides licence free nationwide communication and instantaneous high-quality full duplex operation.

Icom LTE/PoC Radio System

The PoC radio system from Icom is designed to deliver the best features from LTE and radio communications.

Communicate with your two-way radio system over a 4G / LTE closed private network. Now you can benefit from nationwide coverage for your business without the use of repeaters thus reducing the cost of building and maintaining a wide area radio network. The closed system will operate from a private LTE mobile data network providing an extra level of security.

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Icom IP503H PoC Radio

The IP503H is small, lightweight and a licence-free solution which offers, clear audio over a fully secure private system

Icom’s IP503H uses cellular network coverage provided by the LTE/4G and 3G network to provide you with stable communication
throughout the coverage area. The custom Icom SIM card is able to roam between the three leading network providers in the UK.

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Icom IP503H Radio Accesories

Build your own solution with a wide range of accessories.

The IP501H has an extensive range of accessories designed for dif¬ferent market sectors. The flexibility of the system allows you to have different solutions depending on the job you are doing

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Icom IP501M Mobile Radio

Icom’s IP501M follows on from the successful IP501H LTE handheld radio.

The mobile variant also uses the LTE/4G and 3G network to provide you with stable communication with nationwide coverage. The IP501M features a simple, easy to use display as well as a fist microphone or the optional command microphone which features a full user keypad.

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Icom IP501M MB LTE/POC Radio Station

The IP501MB LTE base station is Ideal for a control room or office.

Housed in a smart enclosure with power supply, the IP501MB, together with Icom’s LTE dispatcher software provides an impressive communication solution and management tool for any business.

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Icom LTE Radio Dispatch Manager

The dispatch manager allows tracking of LTE radios.

The LTE Dispatch Manager is an ideal application for organisations or users that prioritise security and staff safety. As the IP501H handset and IP501M mobile units feature GPS, the Dispatch Manager can provide tracking information wherever you are throughout UK & Europe. This versatile application allows organisations or users to keep track of people, vehicles & assets.

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Icom VG-PG4 RoIP Radio Gateway

VE-PG4 is designed to improve the functionality of a radio network.

The VE-PG4 is a versatile RoIP (Radio over IP network) gateway, which seamlessly
Interconnects PMR radios, LTE radios, IP communication terminals, IP phone systems and external devices.

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