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Whether you need to provide crowd control for a sporting event or increase critical communications for a project, we have you covered with our flexible Radio Hire service.

Scale to meet your needs – two-way analogue or digital radios may be hired for as little as one week, or for as long as you need them.
Prior to shipping, radios can be programmed to your requested frequencies or set to a standard frequency from our business supplier’s licence.

With multiple devices there's sure to be one that meets your team's needs. Hire Radios whenever you need them, for as long as you need them.

Long Term Radio Hire 

Inclusive maintenance and battery replacement for fixed cost easy budgeting. Support as you need it to keep your communications going.

Short Term Radio Hire 

No need to budget capital expense for a temporary need. No need to incur inventory costs for radios that will only be used periodically. 

Full System Solutions Hire 

Whatever the size of your requirement, we can provide from our extensive Hire fleet, including intrinsically safe equipment.

For expert advice contact us here or call 0800 074 4792 to see what our #TwoWayRadio #HireService can do for your team 


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