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Dee Communications have been maintaining and supplying radio communication equipment to all sectors of industry for over 40 years. We have been successfully developing and providing town centres and shopping centres with radio surveillance systems.

application business radios retail naperville frank lawlor FAL 7529We are Radio Communication specialists offering a comprehensive service. We operate on a National basis a highly successful Hand-portable and Mobile radio Hire and Purchase scheme.


Whether assisting customers wishing to set up a Radio Link operating back to back or using a talk through base for greater distance, our engineers are trained to tailor the equipment to meet your needs.

Following protocol and correct radio language facilitates all of the benefits of being part of a radio link system.


• Reduces stock loss
• Improves staff safety
• Can improve speed of Police response
• Increases community spirit
• Reduces fear of crime
• Reduces shop lifting attempts
• Provides emergency assistance
• Locates people quicker e.g. lost children
• Gives you a competitive edge
• Allows speech to be sent covertly
• Identifies the store where an emergency has arisen
• Fixed budget
• Maintenance free system
• Stun facility if a radio is in control of a non-authorised user
• Range of accessories to make use easier, more covert and more comfortable
• A visual as well as actual deterrent to would be criminals

Radio LanguagePhonetic Alphabet

We are contactable by telephone Monday to Friday, 9am till 5pm to deal with any problems that you may experience - 0151 356 5955. Our friendly and experienced staff will deal with your call.